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He had seen everything that they had done, and
he was watching every movement they made,

When the relief mountie went back to the table,
he sat there sleepily for awhile, and then his head
started to droop. Down, down, down It sank,
until finally his face keeled gently forward to the
top of his folded hands—and he was fast asleep.

This was the opportunity Almighty Voice had
been waiting for.

He picked up the heavy ball to which he was
chained,, and slowly tiptoed over to the table.
Stopping just behind the sleeping mountie, he
reached over his shoulders and picked up the
bunch of keys lying beside his hands, and stooped
forward and unlocked the heavy manacle around
his ankle. With short, quick steps he made for"
the door.

Once outside of that door5 he knew that he was
safe; for no one, white or red, had ever beaten
him in a foot race.

He sprang across the back yard of the guard-
house,, and with a mighty leap cleared the high
fence without touching it. He sped like a doe
toward the Saskatchewan River. Six miles of
incredible running brought him to the western
bank of this broad, swift-flowing stream. With-
out stopping to get his breath, he broke off several
heavy saplings and lashed them into a three-
cornered raft. He stripped and threw his blanket